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Alpina C2 - подборка материалов, цен, ссылок, фотографий и видео про автомобиль

Сколько стоит Alpina C2?

Средняя цена Alpina C2 по России: 232 119 руб.*
*На основе анализа информации с сайта "Яндекс авто"

Ссылки на материалы про автомобиль Alpina C2:

[edit]. An interesting variant of the M20 engine was Alpina's C2. The first C2 combined the wider bore of the M20B25 with ...
We now have 10 ads under cars & vans for sale for bmw e30 alpina, from gumtree.com, ... BMW 3 series BMW 325 C2 alpina 2.7 auto 2dr rare classic... Blue ...
Apr 4, 2014 ... A rare silver BMW E30 Alpina C2 2.7 from 1988 vintage will be sold on April 12 by Silverstone Auctions in Birmingham, UK. The car is actually ...
Apr 3, 2014 ... We're talking about a 1988 Alpina C2 2.7 that will be going up for auction during the Restoration Show Sale organised by Silverstone Auctions ...
Mar 12, 2014 ... Been under a cover for more then 6 months damages paint with bubbles inside.
Apr 23, 2012 ... After our earlier story of the B6 2.8, it is now time for the M20 powered C2 2.7. The E30 with the biggest displacement M20, coming in at a ...

Фотографии автомобиля Alpina C2:

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Описание: BMW ALPINA C2 2,5
Источник: http://www.rtsauto.com
  - 2
Описание: ALPINA C2 2.7
Источник: http://www.pistonheads.com
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Описание: Alpina C2 2.7
  - 4
Описание: Alpina C2
Источник: http://www.motorsbros.com
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Описание: alpina_historie_E30_C2_25.jpg

Видео про автомобиль Alpina C2:

My BMW E30 ALPINA C2 2.5 track car teaser

Alpina C2 2.7 saloon

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BMW E30 Alpina C2 gegen Peugeot 207 RC Turbo